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Food Service Establishments

Environmental Licence Holders

Anyone with Environmental Licence Conditions to meet can either upload all records onto their own secure Account; or have their Contractors do this on their behalf. By doing so it indicates a willingness to comply with Licence Conditions, which goes a long way towards reducing the number of physical site Inspections carried out on their premises.

All Service Providers

Service Providers simply upload any form of Environmental related works, carried out for a client, onto their own Account. Thereby directly sharing Compliance level Records with both the relevant Inspectorate and their client. Prompting much better customer retention by virtue of assisting their own client base to achieve full compliance to Licence Conditions. 

Environmental Inspectorate

Regulatory Inspectorate carry out ‘Desktop’ monitoring of any/all online data verifying that individual records are being kept up todate by otherwise compliant Licence Holders. Inspectors can then determine if a physical site visit is required or not; thereby speeding up the whole monitoring process. Allowing ‘Red’ Flag areas to be fully focussed on with the time saved.