is designed to securely share  online data to help in complying with Licence Conditions.

More than 2,000 Waste Contractors and almost 2,000 Food Service Establishments are listed on FOG to share online records with Inspectorate.

Document uploading is made simple, quick and easy. Click the link below to view how to upload a document in 30 secs.

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White Label your Dashboard

All users can “brand” their own dashboard with your own logo.

Onboard your clients

The process of adding clients to your own, hosted, database is as easy as adding a name and email address.

Connect Online to your Regulatory Authority
to provide Sample Analysis Result Data

Convenient forms allow you to add sample result data to help your clients comply with their Licence Conditions.

Upload all forms of Works related Documents

Uploading a Document takes a few clicks to record and share Disposal Certs etc with Inspectorate.

upload compliancy docs