E-Reporting is the future. 

NWCPO (Permits Office) State in their ‘2020 Guidance for Permit Holders: 2.1’. “NWCPO strongly recommends that waste collectors investigate the use of electronic data gathering systems for the gathering, compiling and reporting of waste collections. Permit conditions already authorise the use of these systems and they may become mandatory…” Full text in ‘News’.

To address this matter fog.ie has created a unique Waste Contractors Database onto which Clients Waste Collection Records are easily uploaded. Cutting edge technology allows this data to be securely shared with any/all Waste Inspectorate thereby helping Clients comply with Licence Conditions whilst also satisfying their own NWCPO Annual Return reporting requirements.

White Label your Dashboard

Waste Contractors “brand” your dashboard with your business logo.

Onboard your FSE clients

The process of adding your clients to your own, fog.ie hosted, database is as easy as adding a name and an email address.

Connect Online to your Regulatory Authority
Storing Sample Result Data

Convenient forms allow you to add sample result data to help your clients comply with their Licence Conditions.

Upload all forms of Waste related Documents

Uploading a Document takes a few clicks to record and share Disposal Certs etc with both your client and their Inspectorate.

upload compliancy docs