Direct Benefits To All Waste Service Providers

Waste Service Providers can securely upload Disposal Certs for their own clients directly onto that clients dedicated webpage on N/B Only that client and the Local Inspector then have access to that data; competitors cannot gain sight of the records.

  • Securely stored online documentation confirms the fact that scheduled works have been carried out to assist all Licencees in complying with their Waste Licence Conditions. Thus resulting in greater customer retention; clients are fully aware that their chosen Waste Collection Service Provider is truly looking after their best interests. Clients are then retained based on service and not just on price.
  • No more replacing lost or misplaced dockets/ disposal certs etc for clients; requiring Admin staff countless (unproductive) hours having to reproduce copies of lost documents (usually in a hurry) for clients.
  • Yet another unique feature of registered Waste Collectors is an auto email alert to all stakeholders giving 2 weeks notice of scheduled works e.g. a Pump Out of a Grease Trap/Septic Tank being due.