benefits All Waste Enforcement Regulatory Inspectorate.

Ease of Monitoring offers all Local Authority/ Regulatory Enforcement Bodies the ability to finally break the cycle of focussing attention on those mostly compliant Licencees (low hanging fruit); to a level where compliant Licencees are simply monitored online leaving more time to focus on those non-compliant Licencees i.e. those whom continually breach Licence Conditions.

Avoid physical inspections
Licencees e.g. Food Service Establishments whom choose to share their Waste Disposal Records online with Inspectorate through do not then require such rigorous physical onsite inspections. Thus replacing the practice of Inspectors having to physically visit all Licencees with simple online ‘Desktop’ inspections. Providing more time to concentrate on Red Flag issues tends to make sense for all stakeholders i.e. Licencees don’t have as many physical audits with possibly resultant lessening in annual charges/ Waste Disposal Service Providers have less paperwork and Inspectorate have an easier streamlined task in monitoring those generally compliant Licencees with a much smaller workforce.

Manage your own records
Each one of the 31 Local Authorities/Irish Water/WERLA/EPA etc can potentially control their own autonomous version of .

  • All and every conceivable form of waste disposal records data is now available online on
  • Take note of online Reports, Profiles, Spread-Sheets, digital images of e.g. ongoing Grease Trap conditions/Septic Tank Desludging etc. Building up a full profile of individual levels of compliance to Licence Conditions.
  • A chronicle of GT Pump Outs, De- Sludging of Septic Tanks, Waste Oil Collection data, Food Waste Disposal records, Canopy Cleaning practices etc can be recorded online.
  • Receive an auto email alert from when scheduled works e.g. Pump Outs of Grease Traps/Septic Tanks are next due.
  • Enforcement Inspectorate potentially gain greater efficiencies through more inspections conducted per day dramatically lessening the time/effort spent on each inspection.