NWCPO Annual Returns Guidance Manual for Waste Collectors

NWCPO Guidance for Permit Holders on Completion of 2020 Waste Collection Permit Annual Returns

2.1 Electronic Data Gathering Systems

In September 2020 a new waste policy document “Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy” was published by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications. This policy puts waste data gathering and reporting at the centre of a Circular Economy and a functioning waste and resource management system.

It is likely that the demands on waste collectors will increase in the coming years, requiring more detailed and more frequent reporting of waste collection data. In light of this, the NWCPO strongly recommends that waste collectors investigate the use of electronic data gathering systems for the gathering, compiling and reporting of waste collections. The use of such systems can significantly reduce the administrative burden on a business and can be used very effectively as a business management tool. Permit conditions already authorise the use of these systems and they may become mandatory.