Grease Trap Maintenance Measures to Take During the Current Covid-19 Closure

With the current Covid-19 closures in place we are offering all FOG Clients some tips, to carry out during this period, so as to then avoid problems when you eventually reopen:

1) Run taps feeding to the Grease Trap several times per week to keep the flow going.
2) If you currently use an approved dosing programme continue to dose the Grease Trap, if only once a week, to keep a colony of Microbial Bacteria within the system.

By taking the above measures you can help keep the drain lines flowing/ prevent anaerobic (smelly) conditions & blockages from forming; plus the added benefit of potentially saving on unwarranted costs of needing a Pump Out when the system restarts when you reopen.

Keep safe.

Best Regards

The FOG Team