For over 15 years has been the Standard Bearer for online Licence compliance through the mutual sharing of data. 

We have yet to meet a Waste Licence Holder who doesn’t complain about having to endure onsite inspections by the Regulatory Authority Inspectorate; their normal mantra is ‘they’ll always find something‘! Meanwhile many Waste Contractors don’t have their own Client Database; creating a costly problem for them when complying with their Waste Permit Conditions and Annual Returns to the NWCPO. Those that do are inundated with client requests for duplicate copies of Waste Certs to be issued; normally by return. Whilst some Waste Inspectorate, even in the midst of Covid-19, still insist in carrying on the practice of conducting physical onsite audits of Waste Licence Holders; predominantly to check onsite compliance records etc. Our goal was therefore to find a means to help all of the above:

1) A way to ease the paper workload on Waste Contractors in Complying with their NWCPO Permit requirements. 2) An alternative to Inspectorate carrying out physical onsite Inspections of Licenced Facilities. 3) Help the Producers of the Waste to comply with their Waste Licence Conditions; all with a minimum of fuss and hassle.

Our Solution: To design a secure, shared Database catering for any and all forms of waste; and to make this freely available to all Stakeholders.

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