have been the market leaders in Ireland for over 15 years in the ‘E-Reporting’ of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) data between Waste Contractors, Food Service Establishments and Waste Inspectorate. No other Digital Platform comes close to the level of trust and esteem which is held in by all Stakeholders across the Waste Sector

Market research indicates that many Waste Contractors do not actually have their own Client Database; creating issues for them complying with their Waste Permit Conditions. Whilst the majority of Inspectorate persist with the practice of carrying out onsite Licence spot checks on Waste Producers looking for disposal records etc. Our goal was therefore to find:

1) A way to ease the paper workload on Waste Contractors in Complying with their NWCPO Permit requirements. 2) An alternative to Inspectorate carrying out physical onsite Inspections of Waste Records. 3) A means to help Waste Producers to comply with Waste Licence Conditions without the normal cost or headaches of audits etc.

Our Solution: To design a secure, shared Database catering for any and all forms of waste; and to make this freely available to all Stakeholders.

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