was established in 2006 and has long been the recognised Standard Bearer for secure sharing of online Licence compliance data in Ireland. 

After over 25 years in the business, it suddenly dawned on us that misplaced Disposal Certs were becoming an issue for our clients. Often invariably happening in the middle of an Inspection/Audit prompting immediate action to satisfy the Auditors demands. The Post Covid-19 landscape showed us all a need to have a smarter approach especially for (already overstretched) Inspectorate carrying out physical onsite Audits of Waste Licence Holders. Whilst Businesses, during these trying times of recovery, still needing to fully comply with Environmental Licence Conditions etc, often facing regular physical onsite audits from Authority Inspectorate trying to do their job.

Our Solution: To design a secure, shared Platform catering for all forms of waste; and make it freely available to all Stakeholders.

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