• Food Service Establishments (FSE)
  • Local Authorities
  • Irish Water
  • Large Food Industry Groups
  • Waste Collection Agents
FOG in direct collaboration with DCU Water Institute

FOG provides a secure online Platform for the sharing of online compliance records/communications/alerts etc between FSE (Food Service Establishments)/ Waste Collection Service Providers and Regularity Inspectorate (e.g. Irish Water/EPA etc). FSE simply authorise their appointed Waste Collection Contractors to upload all forms of Waste Disposal Certs onto that FSE’s own dedicated FOG Webpage. IW FOG Inspectorate can then carry out a simple ‘Desktop’ Inspection of that FSE; thereby freeing up more time and energy to devote to those non-compliant FSE whom are clogging up the system….. and the drain network!!

In return those FOG FSE 1) demonstrate an open willingness to be compliant to Licence Conditions and 2) can expect fewer physical site inspections/audits of their premises. IW FOG Inspectorate benefit from less time spent physically visiting otherwise compliant FSE. Nationwide Red Flag areas can then be more easily tackled by IW FOG Inspectorate; confident in the knowledge that the majority of FSE are being comprehensively monitored online through the FOG Platform. Eventually all FSE may need to register on FOG; resulting in totally remote Nationwide monitoring.

Each and every Stakeholder potentially benefits from a reduction in overall costs/ time consuming site inspections which is reflected in reduced annual monitoring charges for all concerned. A win – win situation for Businesses, Regulatory Authorities and Waste Collection Contractors alike.

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