FOG.IE in Direct Collaboration with DCU Water Institute

FOG.IE in direct collaboration with DCU Water Institute

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Thornton’s Recycling stated:

“Going forward, I think the FOG online system fog.ie is a very good idea & it’s one Thornton’s will support and be actively involved in. I would like to see it get to a stage that both suppliers & customers can use it for checking FOG records”.

Rilta Environmental Ltd (Major Drainage Contractor) stated:

“Rilta Environmental Ltd use the fog.ie database to upload all disposal documentation onto the individual clients’ portal, thereby allowing them immediate and permanent access to their documentation. We find the database extremely user friendly and easy to use. In our opinion, it is a great way of both sharing and recording information”.

Current EU Commissioner for Trade/Ex-Minister for the Environment (Phil Hogan) stated:

“Water Services Authorities or Licencing Authorities could, through the use of open competition, procure services including a database/portal system akin to fog.ie. I would like to wish you every success with your endeavours”.

Bord Gais Networks stated:

“Bord Gáis Networks employs fog.ieto upload all disposal documentation on fats, oils and greases from our catering facilities onto our environmental management system. This information allows both our facilities and environmental personnel to access up to date information on our FOG levels and to monitor same. It also allows us to review the history of our FOG samples at a glance. We find the database extremely user friendly and accurate and can highly recommend it based on our experience in using the system for our catering purposes”.

TMS Environment Laboratories Ltd stated:

“I am pleased to offer a Testimonial for the fog.ie system. The benefits to us as a laboratory services provider are summarised as follows:

  • Reduced stationery and mail costs for hard copy reports
  • Faster receipt of reports for customer and easier to upload than faxing, emailing etc
  • Environmental benefits from reduced paper usage

The system is easy to use and from the Regulatory Authority perspective, faster and more transparent reporting is an important benefit. It is an excellent system and we find it very easy to use”.

Chapter One (Michelin Star rated Restaurant) stated:

“We find fog.ie a very useful system for the online recording of our Disposal Certification. The major benefit is that our Service Providers upload the documents to our webpage on fog.ie on our behalf so these are always available for inspection”.

L’Ecrivain (Michelin Star rated Restaurant)stated:

“fog.ie is a great way to record all relevant disposal certs etc. which might otherwise go missing; i.e. during a FOG inspection. L’Ecrivain Restaurant finds it a great help to make our Restaurant compliant to FOG Licence Conditions”.

Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght stated:

“Through the years fog.ie have developed their business with the best interests of the Hospital and have always strived to provide an upfront transparent system of dealing with grease management. A very good working relationship has been formed with our Local Council, a relationship which helps the Hospital fulfil its obligations and the Website fog.ie is a great support mechanism”.

Mater Private Hospital Dublin stated:

“The fog.ie effluent management system is in use at the Mater Private Hospital. The system is an excellent tool which enables us to maintain our records in an efficient manner. This system enables the hospital to meet the regulatory requirements of the Dublin City Authorities. The web based platform for the service provides a readily accessible database for the various elements required to enable management of effluent issues effectively”.